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Join us in a deeply profound Shamanic healing experience where we will meet the ancestors, shape our memories with our hands, blending with the five elements in ceremony and honouring, we will come together on this rich and fertile land, where bones and feathers lay, where the message is etched upon landscape, tree and stone leaving stories for us to discern. Leaving an ancestral awakening, that will stir deeply within us, of visions of time past blending with the present.
Taking the journey along the Shamanic path, our connection with the practices of our ancestors, deeper, deeper into ourselves and deeper into this land we walk on. Deeper into the shamanic journey we travel, flying through the worlds of the shaman's cosmos as we seek answers to the mysteries. Hearing the rhythm of the heart and the melody of the spirit as we heal, wrapped in the vibrations of our own power song, we journey out into the raw and beautiful landscape of our ancestors.
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