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With Lynn Gosney and Bruce Scott

Taking the journey along the Shamanic path, our connection with the practices of our ancestors, deeper, deeper into ourselves and deeper into this land we walk on. Deeper into the shamanic journey we travel, flying through the worlds of the shaman's cosmos as we seek answers to the mysteries. Hearing the rhythm of the heart and the melody of the spirit as we heal, wrapped in the vibrations of our own power song, we journey out into the raw and beautiful landscape of our ancestors. Their songs, their prayers and their wisdom echo off the stones as we journey deep into the dream time for a taste, a glimpse of what they have to share with us. Stronger, wiser, more aware, we are ready to face the shadow of ourselves and own that darkness, loving the fullness of our beauty.

Join us on this ten-part journey spread over five weekends of intense work. Between these weekends you will be set tasks and experiences to pursue to deepen your knowledge.

With experienced facilitators Lynn Gosney and Bruce Scott at CAER CORHRAIN, Isle Of Sheppey Kent.
  • Part I: Crafting Medicine Tools and Creating Ceremony 
    • Date: 19th/20th April
      • At the time of spring and the growing light we look inside ourselves to bring out our creativity and craft our own medicine tools, understanding the important role these play in our path. We will craft a shamanic medicine rattle, healing feathers and an offering pouch. We will talk deep look into ceremonies and how we can use them in our practice and we will look into shamanic divination.
  • Part II: The Shamans Horse Shamanic Breathing, Power Animals, Journey the Shamans Cosmos
    • Date: 10th/11th May
      • We start this journey with the sacred rhythm of the drum and navigate the worlds of the shaman's cosmos, exploring our own inner landscapes and connecting with the wisdom and powers that are available to us there. We will gain a deeper understanding of the drum and its ability to take us into an altered state of conciseness and the skill of walking between the many worlds. 
  • Part III: Incubation of Dreams. The Night Of The Ancestors.
    • Date (Over Night): 10th/11th May
      • As we and the night become one wrapped snugly in the blanket of darkness, we seek to meet with the Ancestors whose blood is mixed within the blessed soil, where feathers and bones lay those whose stories are echoed on the winds and etched upon the Standing stones and circles of this our land. We dream with them and seek their wisdom we acknowledge them with respect and honour and for the visions they bring to us.
  • Part IV: The Journey, Soul Flight, Remote Viewing, Dancing the Shadow Self.
    • Date: 28th/29th June
      • Together we take group Journeys to find the treasures and see real magic unfold. We dive deeply into our own hidden landscape as we dance the shadowed. Dark needs light, light needs dark. Both are an integral part of our journey of self-discovery self-empowerment and self-healing.
  • Part V: Shamanic Healing, The Landscape of Soul Retrieval Extraction and Spirit Boat Journey. The Completion
    • DATE: Part 1 - 19th/20th July, Part 2 - 16th/17th August
    • With guidance from spirit energies of not only guides and power allies, the plants, trees, stones and animals all help and assist us. We learn how we can enter another’s landscape safely and help restore what has been lost or hidden so that they can then begin the healing process. 

This twelve-part course, run over five weekends is aimed for those who have a basic understanding of Shamanic work that wish to deepen their connection and understanding of the path. It is also there for those with more experience that wish to continue exploring this fascinating path with its challenges and growth.  For all applicants, please send an email outlining why you feel drawn to Pathways advanced course a little of your background and what you are hoping to gain from it. Please note your ability to pay will not guarantee you a place. Places are limited; we are only taking 10 people. It is spaces that count not money. Your commitment and mindfulness are essential.
The weekends start at 10:00 am SHARP till 17:30 pm each day except June which will run overnight.

There are only 12 places available on this course. NOTE* We do not take couples.
Please bring your own vegetarian lunch.

The course requires your commitment. 
Applications for 2025 are now being accepted.

Fee: £570
Dep: £300 ASAP Will hold space

Please note deposits are non-refundable or transferable. 

Note* Balance must be paid in full by 1st March 2025 before the start of the course.

We do our very best to keep our prices as low as possible to give the best we can offer you and run on limited spaces and small groups to assure this.

Once your deposit and final payment has been for courses events and residential no refunds or transfers will be possible.
Refunds will be issued if we the organizers cancel.

For more information on how to book your place please message Lynn via FB or through or

Caer Corhrain Code of Conduct

Please be aware that Caer Corhrain is a place of safety and haven for people.

Peoples boundaries must be maintained and respected at all times. Any inappropriate behaviour that we witness or issues brought to our attention will be addressed appropriately, which could lead to exclusion and no refunds given.

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