Walking In between The Worlds: Runic Initiation and Ceremony

At Caer Corhrain.

Introduction to Reading Runes with SighPea - Saturday 16th November 2019 10:30 am - 5 pm
                                                                            - Saturday 8th February 2020 1030am - 5pm

Have you forgotten that the old forest is your home? (Bo Setterlind).

Spend a day uncovering the interpretation of runes, journey to the nine worlds of Norse cosmology and learn about the Runic tradition and the Gods and Goddesses that stand behind these ancient signs.

This will be an initiatory journey into the world of Norse Shamanism with dynamic group rituals and ceremony. There will be deep shamanic trance journeying, poetry, storytelling, music and dance. Participants will also create and manifest their own magically-charged rune-set, and learn how to direct and activate the rune with practices such as visualisation, meditation, divination, and power songs (galders). We will also learn about plants and trees and how they were used in esoteric practice and seidr (shamanism). Also the central practice of trance prophecy (high seat ceremony) will form part of our learning and investigation.

The day will conclude with a ceremony dedicated to the first witch of the world, Goddess Freya: mead, amber, poetry, and chocolate will be laid at her feet.

This workshop is for those who want to journey further into the lineage of northern aboriginal Europe.

It will be a full day; please enquire if you have any questions.

“listening to Andreas’ stories by the fire is the best place to be right now…” an afternoon with Allison Ferns on BBC Radio“

“Andreas Kornevall offers a powerful immersive experience of travelling into Norse mythology and Runic divination, food for both soul and intellect. Understanding Runic script as mythic symbols opens a door into the archetypes that inform all human existence, and Andreas' deep knowledge and love for his subject is truly inspirational.” Professor Angela Voss, Christ Church University

"Andreas weaves the mystery of the runes into the fabric of mythology and storytelling. His workshop enabled me to follow a deeper and personal journey into my own path of Norse shamanism and for that it transformed my life.” Serena Constance, founder of Runes and Roses

“One of the best storytellers I have heard recently…I would absolutely recommend that you go and hear Andreas for yourselves…" Wendy Atkinson, GuestHouse Storytellers

“Andreas is emerging as a force in UK myth-telling - uncoating the tracks we've faltered to leave behind.” The Gathering Point, Amsterdam

“People came out of the session beaming…” Christina Oakley Harrington, Founder Treadwell's Bookstore, London

LIMITED SPACES £40 In advance
Please note fee is non-returnable or transferable