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Other Workshops

Please also see Lynn Gosney youtube channel, where you will find some of our workshops and meditations and some wonderful music to enjoy.

Introduction to Reading Runes

Limited to only six people

April 1st, July 2nd & 9th December at 10:30am - 5pm


This course is designed for people who want to learn and understand about the Runes and how to read them for personal use. It includes background as to their historical and mythological origins, how they have been used previously and how they can be used today. A workbook will be included to work through throughout the course.
A background to each Rune’s representation will be explained, exploring how this can be used to interpret its meaning. Several different ways of reading and working with the Runes will also be covered.

• Runic Meditation: We start with a meditation to connect with the runes
• History of the Runes: Where they came from and an introduction to the people who used them.
• Norse Mythology behind the Runes: Odin and the Gods of the Aesir and Vanir; Yggdrasil and the Norns. Norse beliefs and how and why they relate to the Runes and their meanings.
• The meanings of the runes: We will explore each rune individually focusing on what it represents and how that representation can be used for interpretation and meaning.
• Everyday uses: Drawing and using individual runes for daily guidance and meditation.
• Questioning the Runes: Ways to question the runes and how to use their answers.
• Basic Rune spreads: Traditional and modern spreads using from 3 to 9 runes drawn individually and placed.
• Casting Runes: Dropping all the Runes for unique readings based on how they fall; different ways of choosing which runes to interpret.
• Introduction to Bind Runes: Using concatenated Rune symbols for amulets and talismans and some of their potential uses.
• Looking after your Runes: How to connect with the runes, protection and how to keep them energised.
• Practical session: Reading with help and guidance as to how to interpret the readings.

Please also see Introduction to Runes with SighPea (Simon Prendergast) | Facebook

for more information
Courses are limited to 6 people maximum so as to keep them more intimate and allow more individual attention. Feel free to contact me here if you are interested in either arranging a course at a centre or booking a place on a course.


Payment in full : £35
You will need to bring your own drinking water and packed lunch. A bag to take your rubbish and plastic home in. A pot to place cigarette ends in - please do not put them in our bins. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ARRIVE IN GOOD TIME. ALL WORKSHOPS WILL START ON TIME. If you’re late without contacting us as to why beforehand, you may not be able to attend once the workshop has started and no refunds will be issued. Places on our workshops are limited. If you do not arrive for a workshop or lodge without giving prior notice you will not be able to book a place on any other future events. All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable unless the organisers cancel the event.

Advance Shamanic Pathways Refresher Weekend
This is open to anyone who has taken part in our advance pathways course over the years.

Not only would it be an amazing opportunity to meet up again as many of us all become friends, but some live a distance away.
It would be wonderful to hear and share how your journey change because of the course.
We can refresh or any parts of the course you feel you would like to revisit.
We can look at soul retrieval, cradle healing, spirit boat journey, drumming and more.

To book in please either email

lynn.gosney@hotmail,com or via messenger.
Please pay by Bank transfer in advance and if you need details again ask in message and I will send you the info.

Fee: £20

10am Saturday 15th July to Sunday 16th 5.30pm

Limited accommodation available . However, bring you camper or tent or book a B&B
Please bring shamanic cool boxes with freezer blocks , your own food. We have limited fridge space.
You will need to bring your own breakfasts, light lunches.
A pot to bring the table to share for the evening meal on Saturday
Booking is essential


Tribal Women's Events presents:

Tribal Rhythm - The Day of the Weaver

With Wendy Ruddick & Lynn Gosney

The woman…where is her power ? It is there, sometimes on the surface, sometimes deeply buried within. One thing is certain, her power lays deep within her very essence, that over time has become tangled in the restraints of conformity, leading to the loss of her rhythm, freedom and voice.

The emotion of the blue moon is passing, although her energy is still leaving fine silver threads that we will pick up and weave into our tapestry of change, regaining and recharging, we will come together as one, the power of the tribe.

The call of the lost rhythm cries loudly, as around the tree we dance, in the magic of our beauty in all its aspects of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. We will see with fresh eyes as we weave our prayers into our small yet mighty drum.

Fee £195

Limited to only 10 spaces

Includes basic accommodation and all meals

Crafting a 10” Drum and Beater made of Mulberry and Deer.


Full balance by 1st August 2023

Balance is non-refundable or transferable after this date.

We are happy to take instalments to help spread the fee.

Unless cancelled by the organisers then refunds will not be issued.

Arrive from 6pm on Friday for a 7.30pm start. We aim to finish around 5pm on Sunday, but allow time for helping with the clear up afterwards.

50% dep ASAP is non-refundable or transferable, due to a small, limited number.

We will send more information nearer the time of what you will need to bring for this exciting, empowering, connecting togetherness of tribal women.


Survival Skills with Kas Tay


Come and join Kas on a knowledgeable and fun day covering.

Fire Lighting
Knife Skills
Natural Cordage
Damper Bread
Campfire Cooking.

This event will be run on donations, however booking is essential as we have limited numbers.

Please email
or Via Messenger.


Caer Corhrain Code of Conduct

Please be aware that Caer Corhrain is a place of safety and haven for people.

Peoples boundaries must be maintained and respected at all times. Any inappropriate behaviour that we witness or issues brought to our attention will be addressed appropriately, which could lead to exclusion and no refunds given.

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