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Please also see Lynn Gosney youtube channel, where you will find some of our workshops and meditations and some wonderful music to enjoy.

Introductions to the Shamanic Path with Lynn Gosney and Bruce Scott

Saturday 20th August 2022  10 a.m - 5 p.m

Join us for a day as we dive deeply into the mysteries which surround shamanism. Bringing both insight and clarity to these ancient yet simple techniques. Throughout the Day we will explore the many worlds of the shaman’s cosmos and the power of the shaman’s horse. We will gain an understanding of our power allies which can assist us in this exploration of mystery.
No Experience necessary, suitable for all and a refresher.

Drums will be supplied for those you do not have.

Bring packed lunch, your own drinking water and a bag to take all your rubbish home.

Please take a free lateral flow test before arriving. Bring love not bugs


Suggested donation £35

Limited spaces can only held by deposit payment which is non-refundable or transferable deposit (£20) Balance due by 30/06/2022.

Understanding The Medicine Wheel with Lynn Gosney and Bruce Scott

Sunday 21st August 2022   10am - 5pm

The Celtic Medicine Wheel & The Lessons of the North East South West and Spirit.
With Lynn Gosney& Bruce Scott .

In this one-day workshop we will discover how the medicine wheel can play a part in our life and how it can be a tool of direction, insight and guidance. We will look closely at the teachings of the Celtic directions, revealing to us where on the wheel we sit at this moment in our lives. How it can teach and show to us in a simple way just how much the wheel has to offer us in this modern world.
We will create a Medicine wheel to work in throughout the day. There will be drumming, journeying, laughter and exploration.

Limited spaces can only be held by deposit.
Donation £35 with £20 deposit which is non refundable or transferable unless the facilitators cancel then all monies paid will be refunded.
Balance due 30th June.

Bring packed lunch and drinking water and a bag to take home your rubbish.
Please take a free lateral flow test before arriving. Bring lobe not bugs

Please see event on facebook for full details

Understanding The Medicine Wheel with Lynn Gosney & Bruce Scott (facebook.com)

Beating Heart, Tribal Men's Gathering

September 9th 2022,  8pm to September 11th 2022, 5pm

A weekend of ceremony and sound, we will join together as a tribe to deepen our heart connection. This is a chance for men to explore the spiritual aspects of their being away from the distractions of modern life.
There will be lots of drumming!

limited spaces available,

self catering (some communal eating, details to be confirmed on booking)

some basic accommodation is available (booking required)

space for tents and campers.

Price £100

For more information and booking please email Bruce at auberzone@yahoo.com

See also Facebook link: BEATING HEART, Men's Tribal Gathering | Facebook


Women's Tribal Memories with Lynn Gosney and Wendy Ruddick

September 23rd 2022, 7pm to September 25th 2022, 10pm

Do you feel the call of the deep primal woman inside you?
Do you feel the call of all wild, all powerful, all graceful land as you become one in its intoxicating power?
Feeling the power of quested symbols etched on skin, feathers in hair blowing in the wind and lingering fragrance of wood smoke.
The songs of the ancestral women filling the silence and our blood sweat and tears blending with theirs.
Come and join Lynn and Wendy on this deep and joyful weekend Tribal Memories. We will journey, craft, cook together, we will dance and chant around the fire in our wildness and freedom.

Limited to 12 only
Includes accommodation and meals Saturday & Sunday.

50 % dep ASAP is non-refundable or transferable, due to a small, limited number.
Full balance by 26th August.
Balance is non-refundable or transferable unless there is a very valid reason.
We are happy to take instalments to help spread the fee.
Unless cancelled by the organisers then refunds will be issued.
We will send more information near the time of what you will need to bring for this exciting, empowering, connecting togetherness of tribal women.


Please see event on facebook for full details:

 Women's Tribal Memories with Lynn Gosney & Wendy Ruddick | Facebook

Caer Corhrain Code of Conduct

Please be aware that Caer Corhrain is a place of safety and haven for people.

Peoples boundaries must be maintained and respected at all times. Any inappropriate behaviour that we witness or issues brought to our attention will be addressed appropriately, which could lead to exclusion and no refunds given.