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Lynn has been on the Shamanic path for many years and freely shares her knowledge having run her own centre now for over 20 years.


She is well known and respected for both honourable and conscientious and works with people in a nurturing, loving way. She regularly facilitates popular shamanic workshops throughout the UK, in Europe and the United States. Her joy is seeing others finding their own power.

Lynn is also a member of the band Touch The Earth whose music moves all that hear it. A beautiful vocalist, songwriter, native american flute player and drum maker, Lynn uses her songs and music to help bring healing and connection. She offers performances either as a soloist or with the band. 



Simon's deep connection with Earth and Spirit has been nurtured since childhood. His longstanding connection with the shamanic path was reignited with renewed focus at Caer Corhrain when he was welcomed as a member of the community in 2018.

His passion for runes has burnt for over 40 years. He runs Rune Shares and Workshops here where he also teaches the history, mythology and elemental forces so deeply intertwined with them.

He believes that honesty, openness and humility are the key to both learning and teaching and that through this approach we are all ever growing teachers and students of each other.

Simon Prendergast

Pete Maxey has been a core member of Caer Corhrain for many years. Having walked the Shamanic path for a long time, he shares his teachings and wisdom through workshops and facilitates Sweatlodge alongside Lynn.

The manager of the Touch The Earth band, Pete is an accomplished musician and fiddle player.

Pete's gentleness, along with his experience, is a valuable part of what we share and teach here at CC.



Sally Smiles has had a natural connection to music and sound from an early age, her understanding of how receptive plants were to music led her to understand the healing energies of the plants and their frequencies to bring healing and connection.

She has been running workshops and groups throughout the UK using this unique gift of spirit and the plants to many.

A Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master and Musician.

Sally  Smiles

Sean walks between the world of spiritual practice and work as a designer and artist and is a passionate advocate of all forms of creativity . He apprenticed in facilitating the Sweat Lodge Ceremony under Lynn and facilitates lodges at Caer Corhain.


He believes a spiritual path is open to all regardless of circumstance or background and prefers a light hearted approach which is anchored in both spirit and our experience as embodied spirits walking in this physical world .



Jonathan is a drum maker and workshop facilitator who shares his work all around the UK. His spiritual journey has been inspired by and working with shamanic practices.


He has worked with traditional teachings from around the world which have helped him to connect with the spirits of this land and led him to access and explore the traditional practices of our own ancestors.

Jonathan apprenticed in facilitating the Sweat Lodge Ceremony under Lynn from 2011 and has facilitated a number of the lodges at Caer Corhain.


Jonathan Weekes

Bruce Scott has walked a spiritual path for many years in his homelands of England and India. He has studied with many teachers and works with Vedic knowledge, Sacred Mantra and Meditation techniques.


He has worked alongside Lynn for a number of years and together they reach many with their simple and loving techniques.


Bruce is also the sound engineer for Touch The Earth and creates wonderful light shows that make every gig a special one. 



Gillian Hunt is a trainee beauty therapist with a passion for creativity in all its forms, from clothing to jewellery.

Gill works closely with Lynn at the Caer Cohrhain Shamanic Development Centre, assisting with and running various workshops; organising events, and planning. Gill also offers beautiful inspirational henna tattoos, and works alongside Lynn in running many Goddess workshops, retreats and events throughout the year.

Gill is also a member of Touch The Earth, and plays the drums for the band, from the Pow Wow to the Djembe; Mayo Drum and Hand Drum.

Gillian    Hunt

Hannah has been on a spiritual path for many years and has had many different teachers who have taught her a variety of different techniques for healing, connecting with spirit and a variety of other practices which she hopes to be able to pass on in the future.

She had been guided to follow the Shamanic Path after falling in love with her first drum early in 2019.

Hannah is currently learning how to pour Sweat Lodges and will hold Drum Circles at Caer Corhrain focusing on healing and connecting to our ancestors.

Hannah will be teaching about Astrology in evening groups at the centre.

Hannah     Cole

Lewis has been walking a shamanic path for a number of years and is deeply inspired by nature. 


He is also a member of Touch The Earth band, where he shares his love of music and his knowledge in workshops the band hold at festivals throughout the UK.​

Lewis Skinner

IT Super Hero and all round good guy.