Monthly Groups

September Monthly Rune Share:  (First Thursday of every month) 8pm- 9:30pm.

The group will be facilitated by Simon Prendergast

Monthly Rune Share for anybody interested in sharing or deepening their knowledge of the Runes. 
People of all levels of experience welcome. No set fee, donations to the centre welcome.

The first month we will be focusing on the Runes Feoh and Inguz and their associated god Freyr. We will also look at the nine rune cast and practice reading in pairs for anybody who wants to.

Please bring runes and anything you would like to show or share related to the monthly topics. There will also be runes to borrow if you do not have your own set.

Please just turn up, there is no need to book a space.

The Men Of Heron:  (2nd Thursday of every month) 8:00pm - 9.30pm

The space is held by the Mens community.

A Shamanic Circle for men to come together as a community and work with nature, the elements and animal spirits.

This is an open group where the men of the community gather together for Shamanic journeying, discussion, and healing, in a safe and supporting network of friends.

Embracing the ancient ways in a modern world. For experienced and non experienced alike.

Please just turn up, there is no need to book a space.

Women of the House of Heron: (2nd Thursday of every month) 8.00pm - 9.30pm. 

The group will be facilitated by Joanna Tucker.


Women of the House of Heron calls to women to explore the essence of their true beauty and creative spirit, to honour the sacredness of all aspects of woman. Celebrate your life, love and journey as we weave our tapestry. Held and nurtured by this sacred marshland, bathed in the inspiration of the heron’s flight. 

This is an opportunity to join with like-minded women in a healing and nurturing environment. To explore and connect with our true creative spirit to develop a supportive circle of sisterhood.


An open, trusting space where women encourage each other to find their power and express their true selves through journeying, drumming, chanting, singing and most importantly healing.

We will journey through the Goddesses, where we can be loved and recognised for the goddesses we truly are. Joining together to celebrate the beauty in our lives and share the celebration of womanhood.

Please just turn up, there is no need to book a space.

Shamanic Drum Circle:  (3rd Thursday of every month)

8:00pm - 9:30pm

The group will be facilitated by Lynn Gosney.

Where we will take shamanic journey, and come together as a community and let the drums call out their ancient rhythm.  

Come & make new friends in the wonderful presence of loving Spirit.

Please just turn up, there is no need to book a space.


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