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Caer Corhrain

On the Marshlands of the Isle of Sheppey, this beautiful haven is the spiritual home for many who come and find they need to return again and again. Surrounded by trees, animals and a beautiful healing spirit we celebrate the seasons with the sacred sweat lodge and hold ceremonies in the stone circle, and the beautiful sacred space of both our treasured roundhouse, and our workshop. The sense of coming together can be felt within the community hut and throughout the meadow.

Caer Corhrain means 'dwelling place', and it is both a family home and spiritual home, where we have gained a wonderful extended family along the way. We hold sacred ceremonies, honouring all life and choosing to follow a peaceful path, filled with love and nature, in a place of sharing and growing. Working together, we have built a spiritual home for many - our home, your home and home of the Ancestors.


We are not a business - the Centre runs on donations, or where possible on exchange,. Any donations received go right back into the heart space of our Centre. We wholeheartedly love what we do, helping people to find a community that was once lost, a place where they can feel a belonging once more and not be disconnected from life, family or friends.

Here at Caer Corhrain we pride ourselves on these words…honour, respect, truth, intent and integrity - all of which are bundled up in a bubble of unconditional love for all.

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