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Caer Corhrain is a centre of Shamanic Development and deep healing, incorporating ceremony, drumming, Sweatlodge, crafting, community and dance. Everyone is asked to be mindful and respectful of the centre, as it is a family home as well as a spiritual home for everyone. We have beautiful spaces around the site for all to use; the Round House, Stone Circle and the Workshop.


We do ask that these areas are used with respect, and that food and drink are not taken into these areas. Shoes should also be removed within the workshop space. ​Use of mobile phones is not permitted within the Centre's grounds - please use these outside the main gate.  If you wish to take photos, please ask permission first, as many visitors wish to retain their privacy.


When sacred ceremony is taking place, photographs of the lodge and sacred fire are restricted, so please ensure you seek permission from the facilitators first if you wish to take photographs of Caer Corhrain.


Guide and assistance dogs welcome, other dogs by prior consent please. We love our animal friends dearly, but it is not always a suitable area for them to roam and be free, they could disturb and interrupt other participants; or cause a distraction to yourself and those around you.


We have many animal hides and various items which could prove interesting to pets, so we respectfully request that furry friends are left at home where possible. ​Smokers are asked to smoke outside the gate and away from the entrance; all cigarette ends should be taken home and not put out on our mother earth.

Please be aware and mindful of other people using the spaces around the site, as many of these areas are used for quiet contemplation and meditation. Facilities at Caer Corhrain are limited but are enough for everyone to be comfortable when attending any event, be it for the day or for a weekend.

Our community hut houses a sink, fridge, cups, plates and cutlery, as well as a kettle, a cooker, a microwave and enough space to eat, with a communal table and chairs. Hot and cold drinks can be made here during breaks, but a donation is requested towards the tea/herbal tea and coffee provided. We ask that you provide your own bottled drinking water, especially on a lodge day; and should you require milk of any sort (dairy, soya etc) please bring it with you.

All items used from the community hut MUST be washed up after use and tidied away so this does not end up being one person's job with a big bowl of washing up at the end of the day.


The Community Hut is also used as a shelter during some workshops and events if the weather is not being too kind to us!


Often there will be various items for sale, so please enjoy!

We have an outside toilet hut with a sink which you can also use to wash etc. if staying overnight. 

We have limited accommodation on a first come first served in Willow cabin which sleeps four, a small Caravan sleeps two and a couple can sleep in community hut


We keep the shared facilities as male and female where possible.

We will send all relevant information upon booking. ​

Attention Safety Notice

 Please take great care when turning in and out

of the Caer Corhrain farm Track.

 Regardless of the fact you are indicating


 Some residents here have had a very close call,

when inconsiderate drivers overtook

just as they were starting to turn into the track.

PLEASE everyone…

When turning in and pulling out of the track,

Please take extra care.
All the drivers see is a flat straight long road

after climbing a small hill and they want to speed.

Please remember LOOK, LOOK and LOOK AGAIN!

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