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Honouring the Heron

Sunday, August 26 at 11 AM - 5 PM

Free Community Event

For many years, the Heron has watched over our centre, Caer Corhrain, in our drumming circles and sweatlodges, and has guided us in our visions and our healing journeys. 

This day is a day of connecting with the spirit of Heron, to honour her gifts and wisdom, and to give back for all that she teaches and has shared with us. 

It will be a day of ceremony, journeying and sacred crafting. We will each build prayer nests, for giving our offerings to the spirit of Heron, that we can take home for our own altars. We will also be journeying to learn what she has to teach us at this time, and we will share songs, tales, poems and our own personal stories of how the Heron has touched us over the years. 

This is a community event, and is free of charge and open to all. As well as welcoming all those who have sat within our circles and within our lodges, anyone who feels called to connect with and honour the Heron can join us on this day. 

For your nest, collect and bring with you a selection of sticks and twigs that can be wound together - aim for a carrier bag full if possible. We will be providing clay as well for the offering bowl that will sit in the nest. More guidance will be shared about this on the event page. 

Bring a packed lunch. If you have a shamanic drum, bring this with you also. 

This is taking place at the Caer Corhrain Centre, 1 South Lees Cottages, Lower Road, Minster on Sea ME12 3SW. Please help us maintain our low environmental impact by car sharing where possible.

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