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Concert in the Meadow

In aid of The Cure Parkinsons Trust

7th July 2018 -- We raised over £700 !!! Thank you to all those who donated and gave their time !!

Look out for our next charity event 2019 -- Open Day


An amazing concert filled with amazing musicians and dancers all giving their time freely to raise awareness and money for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

Kim Thompsett, Tribal Unity, Morrigans Path , Touch The Earth, Mike Ford, Bruce Almighty, Lynn Gosney & Lewis Skinner 

Come a be a part of this one off incredible experience of music, dancers, drums, didge, flutes, voice, fiddle, guitars and Slovakian shepherds flutes all mixed together to weave magic and talent for a worthy cause. 

There will be Tarot readings available throughout the event with Christine Zammitt Sean Ryan. Shamanic Stone readings with Jamie Bird by donation
Henna Tattoos by donation with Gill Hunt. 


There will be an exciting raffle at £1 a strip

First prize is a Drum.

Light refreshments will be available from 3.30pm to 9.45pm which is chargeable. Between 6.30pm and 8 pm hot food will be available this will all be also be chargeable .Once expenses are covered all proceeds from the food and soft drinks teas and coffee will go in the donation pot too.

Please car share where possible bring a chair and drinking water. 

Parkinson’s effects so many people, yet there is no cure. Only medication to help the symptoms. 
The facts one person in twenty diagnosed with Parkinson’s is under the age of 40.
The number of people with Parkinson’s worldwide is set to double by 2030
Parkinson’s affects over 127,000 people on the UK alone and 10 million people worldwide.

HELP US raise funds to help find a cure for Parkinsons and have a great time doing so.


Songs of The Land with Lynn Gosney & Lewis Skinner 

Their music reflects nature, life and living. Their inspiration comes from the land around, the turning of the seasons and the ancestors that have gone before. All original songs. 

Bruce Almighty 
Original songs written by Bruce reflect life and living. Bruce’s laugh and personality brings a real warmth and magic to his music.

Tribal Dance with Tribal Unity 
Tribal Unity is an American Tribal Style® Bellydance (ATS®) troupe based in Essex and FCBD® Sister Studio. Our vision is to bring the beauty and connection of ATS® to as many as possible in the true spirit of Peace x

Morrigans Path
Magical music in the true spirit of the Morrigan in all her guises.
This amazing band have been together a couple of years now and have a good few (musical) miles under their belts between them.
All their own material they bring acoustic/folk/earthy/tribal/melodic and groovy all round magical music .

Beautiful Vocal Performance with Kim Thompsett 

Kim’s beautiful voice like a glass bell reflecting an untouched mountain river, magic music captured from the luminous woods. Transcends and defies all genre & pagan-folk…

Touch The Earth Tribal Folk Band with Guest Mike Ford on drums and the amazing Tribal Unity.

Touch The Earth play original music and songs inspired by spirit and the natural world around them. They are unique in their instruments and approach to performance. In addition to the more traditional Guitar, Fiddle and Voice they also use Big drums, Djembe, Didgeridoo’s, flutes and the 5ft Fujara, a Slovakian shepherds flute which creates otherworldly soundscapes.

And finally...... A collaboration of all the artists together...... what a fantastic way to close!!


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